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General Dentistry

We are gentle and careful with every move that we make. Providing outstanding quality and service is what we do everyday for everyone that we treat! Using leading edge technology and techniques, we deliver a remarkable patient experience for all your general dentistry needs!

General Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

The need for drugs and laughing gas is extremely rare in our office. If you can keep children distracted by watching cartoons, holding your hand, smiling, giving a high five, and frequently reminding them of the prize at the end of the appointment then it all ends up being a great experience for everyone involved. Parents are often telling us that their children are begging to come back and asking when is it time to go to the dentist again. You will be impressed with how well your child will be treated!


Cosmetic or Aesthetic Dentistry

We have helped to improve the smiles of many patients. We begin by taking photographs and radiographs of your teeth and then we discuss all of the options available to enhance your smile. Many times patients think that only a veneer or a crown can improve their smile but oftentimes we can lightly trim and smooth rough edges and add white-filling material to worn or chipped teeth to greatly improve the esthetics and of your teeth. 



With every dental exam we provide an orthodontic evaluation. Treating patients at exactly the right time to create space for new teeth can often help reduce the length of time that braces are worn and sometimes even avoid the need for them. Teeth naturally move into a straight and well-aligned position if you create the space they need while are coming into your mouth. We have treated many patients with simple appliances that improve the alignment of their teeth and size of their upper jaw. If there are larger problems like major jaw discrepancies or severely crowded teeth then we know and understand when and where to refer you for the best orthodontic care available.


Wisdom Teeth/Dental Extractions

We remove wisdom teeth if it does not require invasive surgery. We also remove teeth that are no longer salvageable or that are not worth investing a lot of money into. If the wisdom teeth are impacted and may be difficult to remove then we refer you to an excellent oral surgeon that will take care of you.

Wisdom Teeth

Sedation Dentistry

If injections are given so carefully that you don't feel them, and the dentist ensures that you are completely numb then the need for sedation is dramatically reduced. Although we rarely need to sedate our patients we do offer the option of having a licensed anesthesiologist come into our office to provide these services.


Dental Implants

We work closely with oral surgeons and periodontists to ensure that you receive the best implant placement available. The surgeon places the implant in the bone and we place the crown on it after it has healed properly.


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